Will writing solutions 

First things first, when we talk about virtual and face-to-face estate planning we are talking about real legal documentation. Our will writing solutions combine smart technology with dedicated customer service, providing the most efficient way to preserve your assets. 
With everything you need for life planning available face to face or virtually, you don’t even need to leave your sofa to protect your family. And for those delaying the job, remember will writing is not a death task, it is a life task. 

Meet Mark 

After working in financial services for over 35 years, Mark was unfortunately made redundant at the end of 2020. He thought that might be the perfect time to set sail into the sunset and enjoy his early retirement, but during this time, his brother-in-law, who was a successful lawyer in London, died suddenly aged 43. 
Mark was astounded to find out that he had never made a valid will. Having witnessed first-hand the chaos and stress this caused his family by dying without making a will, Mark decided to launch Jam Estate Planning Services. The idea? To create an easy way aimed at young professionals to help them create a valid will, over the telephone or via a virtual meeting at an affordable cost (much less than using a high street solicitor) at a time that was convenient to them. 
After considerable market research Mark realised the majority of the UK population particularly Millennials (born 1981-1995) and generation X (born 1965-1980) did in fact intend to make a valid will, but through inertia or lack of knowledge and a busy lifestyle, they never made the time to complete this very important task, unlike taking out Life Assurance or joining their company Pension Scheme. 
“Millennials are 52% more likely than Baby Boomers to create their will online” 
“Almost three quarters of Brits aged under 55 don’t have a will” 
Mark also discovered that the younger generation are much more likely to leave money to a charity, friend, or political party rather than their family, and care very much about the future of our planet and protecting our environment. With this in mind Jam (EPS) decided to team up with (more:trees) to plant a tree on behalf of any future client who engages with the platform taking out a valid will or lasting power of attorney. The average time to complete a valid will is less than 60 minutes. 
“Engage with us today to help preserve your assets and our environment for tomorrow” 

Meet the Team 


After working in education for over 6 years, Rachel became inspired by will writing when she wrote her own will after having her son. Rachel is dedicated to helping other people protect their loved ones and enjoys working alongside other like-minded people. 


Unfortunately, when Jordan lost his mum, he saw first-hand the effect of a family member not having their estate in order. Jordan is very passionate about protecting your estate and loved ones; he has over 10 years of experience of working in customer services and enjoys being a friendly face (or voice!) to our customers. 

Our sustainable promise 

For every client that engages on our website, we proudly collaborate with (more:trees) to ensure a tree is planted on their behalf. 
As we look towards a more sustainable future, it is important for each of us to aid the fight against climate change. (more:trees) enables you to plant trees, track their growth and quantify the positive impact they’re having on the environment, so that you can help sequester carbon dioxide emissions in forthcoming years. 
At JAM, it is our promise to plant one tree for every completed transaction on our website and take a positive leap towards a greener environment. 
Join us in planting a healthier planet – make a will now and help preserve our environment for tomorrow 

Get in touch 

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Jam Estate Planning Services Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company number 13583094 whose registered address is 4 Well Close, Addingham, Ilkley, LS29 0SH 
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